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I know this blog has been quiet for too long. The reason for this was that I have been busy finishing my book on Philip K. Dick. It is being published by a great small press specializing in Philip K. Dick Studies: Wide Books. The book is available now from their Web site. I have also started teaching again, which has been a drain on my time. I am now eager to re-start this project.

See you in a few days, when we will consider “Solar Lottery.”


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Searching for the radical themes in American literature. American literature for the age of Occupy
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8 Responses to Book Announcement

  1. Hi there.I haven’t heard from you for awhile,despite sending comments recently.I thought you might like to know I’ve read your book,and have a review on Amazon.

    Hope to hear from you soon,I like to know what you think about my replies to your stuff.Are you busy at present?

    • tashqueedagg says:

      I am reading your comments and saw your flattering review. Thanks.

      I have been trying to get this blog going again but there are a few blocks. (1) The publication of the book has made it hard for me to get back into writing about Dick, (2) I am working on Lovecraft, (3) I have started teaching again and classes keep be busy and exhausted, and (4) baseball.

      • I thought my review was honest but fair,but I’m pleased you found it flattering.Anyway,good luck with what you’re doing,especially the Lovecraft project.Will that be on your Neither Kings or Americans blog?

      • tashqueedagg says:

        No. I am not sure I will revive that blog, until I can get into the mood or reading literature again. It will come again. In any case, I will take my Lovecraft stuff to an academic press.

        For Lovecraft, my focus is on the Atlantic context of his work: Networks of knowledge, the iconography of the sailor, horrors from the sea, etc.

      • I see,I wondered.I have read some Lovecraft,but have not got into his stuff that deeply as I have into Dick.

  2. I did comment you might remember,on the NKNA blog about him.

    • tashqueedagg says:

      Maybe. I am pretty ashamed of those posts. I barely understood Lovecraft at the time. (Looking back I probably botched most of those writers I covered in my manic phase.)

      • I don’t know.You did say it was a pretty general blog about American writers,so it’s not surprising there was nothing specialised if that’s what you mean.I thought I did make significant comments about PKD.

        I don’t know if I’ll be reading Lovecraft again.I did quite like his stuff when I did briefly.It was so darkly cold and dense.

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