This blog is a one year Philip K. Dick re-read project. It will be broken up into three parts. Part one will be the short stories. For each story I will provide background, a plot summary, and a thematic analysis. Part two will consist of the novels. For this, I will write a series of essays each with a different thematic focus. There will be between 3 and 6 essays for each novel depending on the novel’s significance in Dick’s work and its themes. One essay will always include a plot summary and character introduction. The third part, which be a reading of Philip K. Dick’s “Exegesis.” Each essay will also include a “Resources” section that will lead readers to similar or divergent points of view on each story, or materials that help inform our understanding of the work.

I am always interested in expanding the analysis and resource sections of these stories. If you know of any news articles, competing analyses, or interesting tidbits that can inform the story, let me know and I will include it. If anyone would like to write an essay on a story or a theme in a novel, let me know.

E-mail: evanlampe@gmail.com


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  1. James DC says:

    Sounds great! Count me in – I may send you a written piece at some point. All the best and looking forward to more….

    • tashqueedagg says:

      Sure thing. I am running through the stories now and through the summer. But do not feel restricted to my pacing.

      I will welcome anything from guest bloggers. I am most interested in promoting heterodox readings of Dick, interpretations that get beyond the standard readings of “what is human?” and “What is real?” My (hopefully) forthcoming book, which this blog will designed to help promote, focuses on late capitalism and is a more leftist reading. That is my baseline position, but I want to go beyond that as well over the next year. I hope guest writers can help.

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