Philip K. Dick Book Club Podcast

Hi everyone. Thanks for reading this blog. I have noticed the many hits it has been giving. Why have I not been updating?
Mostly, life has gotten in the way. I am proud to have gotten through the stories and although I did not get far into the novels, I am happy to have accomplished the goal of getting my reviews of all the Philip K. Dick stories out.

These days I have been working on a podcast called “American Writers: A Hundred Pages at a Time.” ( In this cast, I am looking at various American writers in one hundred page chunks. If you are interested in my views on Philip K. Dick, you can listen to a nested series called “Philip K. Dick Book Club.” There I will look at each story and novel in chronological order. For the stories, I am often using my blog posts here as the foundation for my scripts.

So rather than update here, I will be updating there on a hopefully more consistent basis. Subscribe on iTunes or podbean.

Thanks for reading! (And listening!)


About tashqueedagg

Searching for the radical themes in American literature. American literature for the age of Occupy
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