This page categorizes my opening posts of each of Philip K. Dick’s novels. In the following links you will find:

1. A chapter by chapter plot summary. I will try to keep these to 3,000 words, but some novels are quite complex.

2. A character and concept introduction as needed. Major characters and terms will be introduced. On a wiki, these would be things considered worthy to be their own page.

3. Thematic summary, going over what I see as the central areas of analysis in the novel

What these pages will not include are detailed analyses, as you would find on my short story pages. Those will be found under “Essays” on the main menu. This will give me more freedom to discuss themes broadly, instead of limiting myself to one work.

The World Jones Made

The Man Who Japed
The Cosmic Puppets
Eye in the Sky

Dr. Futurity
Vulcan’s Hammer



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